Choose Celebrity and Executive Protection With United Private Security

With bodyguard and private security services from United Private Security, you get the best and most experienced armed and unarmed security in Riverside or LA. Our private security guards all have years of experience in protecting the public. We’ve worked for a wide array of clients and effectively managed the security of events, concerts, and construction. What’s this all mean for our executive protection and VIP security services? It means your asset gets the same loss prevention and security measures that are effectively used to monitor a large amount of people, fully dedicated to them.

When it comes to our VIPs, we go above and beyond the call of duty, because we know that the risk involved with high profile clients is extreme. When you’re an important or powerful person, there are bound to be certain people who want to see you harmed. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen, so we can provide services from the moment your executive or employee gets to LA or riverside to the moment they leave.

Our security monitoring can start the second your executive or celebrity steps off their plane with years of loss prevention and private security under our belt, we’re not just bodyguards for hire. We’re a personal security company with the experience to consult and manage your security from the airport, to hotels, to the event, and then back again.

Let our experienced security staff be the personal security for your executive or celebrity. Call United Private Security today to hear all that we offer, and book your celebrity or executive bodyguard services!